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Saavn is unlimited, free access to all your music and audio content: Bollywood, English, Hindi, and Indian regional songs, music, radio stations, and exclusive audio programming – wherever you go.
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18 de novembro de 2017
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Saavn Pro APK – The on the Go Music Streaming App

Phones are now considered a hub for all the entertainment we need. Be it streaming live music or videos, watching movies or gaming it is considered to be a single source for all the indulgence. Since now the phones are powered by internet they have become more powerful than ever. Music streaming has become an easy matter but what is important is the quality of music played.

Saavn Pro APK  is one such music streaming app which has the quality of music you won’t be able to deny and that too in more than 50 languages.

Saavn comes basically in three versions i.e. Saavn, Saavn Lite and Saavn pro.

It is one of those apps which won’t go heavy on your pocket and will provide you with all the entertainment you need whether you are at home or travelling.

Features :

Although there are a number of music streaming apps available in the market but Saavn stands out for its good quality and quantity of Bollywood music and great social stature. Some of the features provided by Saavn are:

1. Easy access: Saavn has easy access to all kinds of music you like and allows you to make playlist of your own which can be a mix of all the genres and languages.

2. Social links: the saavn pro app lets you connect your app account to your facebook account allowing you to create save and listen to playlists of your own as well as of your friends. This feature is quite useful if you want to discover new music in case your buddies are registered on the app as well.

3. Radio: one of the most interesting features of this app is Radio. The radio picks up the songs from the genres you k=listen the most and then plays different songs from the same genre. If you are feeling too lazy to make a playlist then you might as well listen to the radio which will play your favorite songs as well as the songs from the genre you like.

4. Up-to-date: saavn updates itself with each occasion. Whether it’s a new song release or ay festive occasion saavn will always provide you with new things to listen.

5. Languages: saavn has songs from every Indian language and hence is an exhaustive platform for playing any music you like in any which language.

6. Some advance features for Saavn pro members are also on the app like they can listen to music offline. You can get rid of all those annoying advertisements and get a hindrance free streaming. Saavn pro is nothing but an upgraded version of the app which provides better features.

7. Podcasts and many more: if you are bore of music then you may as well listen to many saavn original programs like podcasts which it comes up with every now and then.

If you are a true music and Bollywood fan then Saavn is the right app for you.


The latest and new version of this app is available on every the platforms i.e. iOS, android and windows. You can find this app on Google play store for android and on the app store for iOS. The basic version of this app available for free on each of these platforms.

App and feature Details of Saavn Pro APK :

App name Saavn
Latest version Depends on device (5.16 for android)
Updated 8 December , 2017 (for android)
Category Entertainment, music
Size Varies with device (57.3 MB for android)
Availability iOS, Android, Windows
Main purpose Online and offline music streaming
Saavn pro subscription Rs 99 per month
Offered by Saavn
Content rating 4 +
Interactive element Digital purchases

Minimum requirements to install Saavn Pro APK :

The first step is to check whether your device is updated with the latest version of Android or not only then it will be compatible with the app.

Requires iOS 8.0 or later for apple.

1 GB of RAM needed.

Installing Saavn Pro APK on your device :

1. Add your Gmail account to your device.

2. Click on Google for specifying your account

3. Sign in to your Gmail account on your device

4. Agree to terms and conditions

5. setup the payment method

Saavn Pro APK

6. Open play store on your device and search for Saavn in the search field

Saavn Pro APK

7. select Saavn to open the app and download

8. click on install to install and download the app and click on accept when app asks for permission

Saavn Pro APK

9. Download and install the app and stream your favourite music

Buying Saavn Pro APK

You need to download and install Saavn first in order to purchase the pro version of the app and become a pro member to avail the upgraded benefits. After you have installed the app

1. Click on the settings button of the app on the top right corner

2. You will see an option “Go Pro

Saavn Pro APK

3. Select that option and you will be directed to a screen where you will be given three options with subscription of 1, 3 and 6 months respectively.

The monthly rate is 99 and the rate for 3 months is accordingly with some discounts.

Saavn Pro APK

4. After selecting one of the three options go to the option of “payment options” at the bottom of the screen.

From there set up your payment method by which ever method you want to pay.

5. After completing the payment you are a pro member and you can now say hello to high quality music and offline streaming.


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How to use Saavn pro APK:

1. After you have installed the app and given it the required permissions, you can open the app and choose from the languages available in the app. Like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannad and many more.

Saavn Pro APK

2. After selecting the languages you will be asked to login to your account. You can login via your facebook account as well as your Gmail account.

Saavn Pro APK Saavn Pro APK

3. Then you will be directed to the main menu where you can stream any music you like from the language of your choice.


What’s new in the new version of Saavn?

· In-built equalizer for the better sound experience.

· Better quality music

· Choose between light and dark theme.

Final verdict :

Saavn has a great indie and Bollywood collection, its international library, features and can impress any music enthusiast. It is a must have everyone irrespective of the age group. Right from ghazal to hip hop and from bhajan to rap it has everything and is suitable for everyone. It has easy search methods and has good social interaction features and an enjoyable interface. Do give Saavn (pro) a try.


What's new

- Equalizer



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